Dash is an open decentralized payment system in the form of a crypto currency based on a block-book. December 17, 2017, the price of crypto currency Dash updated the price record, for the first time since its existence, rising above $ 1100. A day or two ago, Dash was trading at around $ 900, so in these 24 hours altcoin has grown in price by more than 20%.

How the Dash currency originated

The Dash system is managed by Dash Core DAO. Author and developer Evan Duffield. Dash (renamed March 25, 2015) was formerly called XCoin and Darkcoin. Only the essence remained unchanged – it was the first truly anonymous crypto currency, which in fact was not much different from bitcoin, but it gave users the opportunity to remain unknown. Crypto currency Dash was created on the basis of technologies of digital coins, such as Primecoin, Litecoin and Quark, from which the principles of complexity adjustment, hashing algorithms and so on were borrowed.

At the same time, the Dash system uses the unique algorithm X11 Algo, developed by Evan Duffield, which is a 2-level structure that incorporates the basic principles of digital coins: decentralization, anonymity, independence from the state and a high level of payment security. Surprisingly, Dash coins might not have existed if bitcoin developers agreed to include in their code a refinement for the anonymization of transactions. But the Bitcoin Foundation turned out to be conservatives and they did not intend to change anything in the crypto currency, so Evan Duffield had no choice but to use his experience to create another coin, although he was an ardent bitcoach fan.

Dash Features

As in the case of other altcoys, the mission of launching the crypto currency was to improve the BTC and solve the problems that the world’s first cryptonomete can not solve.

The main features of Dash crypto currency are:

Transactions in Dash are anonymous;
DASH does not have centralized management – the issue occurs when mining;
The market capitalization of Dash is $ 9,139 billion (December 2017);
Dash ranks 8th in terms of capitalization among all the Crypto-currencies at the end of 2017 (details on Coin Marcet Cap);
Mining Dash requires less energy.
Decisions on the further development of the system are made not by individual programmers, but by all members of the Dash network through the Decentralized Governance mechanism (details on the CCN).

Each member of the network can contribute their ideas on the development of the crypto currency or vote for other initiatives. This system allows owners of Masterdogs (complete nodes with 1,000 DASH collateral) to vote on important issues and budget proposals, which, if approved, are financed directly from the detachment.

This is achieved by distributing rewards for new sides between:

Miners (45%)
Operators Masterdn (45%)
Financial proposals for the budget (10%)

Exchanges that support Dash

The list below shows exchangers for Crypto-exchanges USD → Dash (DASH): WEX, HitBTC, Poloniex, Exmo, LiveCoin, Bitlish, CryptoMate, C-cex, Cex, Quoine, Kraken. To get acquainted with this list, ranked by the exchange rate, you can by visiting the resource Best Change.

Perspectives for Dash

The forecast of Dash for 2018 testifies to the continued growth of its value. The graph shows the rate of Dash to USD. The graph of the Crypto currency quotes shows a growth trend, and the current increase in value makes Dash the most profitable for sale.

In favor of long-term growth of Dash, the following factors also speak:

The high capitalization of the Dash market will attract new investors to the crypto currency, which will create additional demand and price growth;
Institutional investors invest in the Dash system, which highly appreciate the growth prospects of this crypto currency;
The Dash system surpasses its competitors by many parameters;
The TenX debit cards for Dash DAO simplify the withdrawal of funds and the calculation of Dash coins in the real sector of the economy.