What is Dash?

Bitcoin in the world crypto currency is compared with gold. And it’s true – crypto-currency is also reliable. But you hardly pay the bread in the store with precious metals. For this there is paper money.

And DASH is the real “cash” of the digital world. DASH is fast, anonymous and convenient payments.

DASH is built on the same principle as the notorious Bitcoin – instead of the central bank, the system is controlled by all users – through the block system. Honestly and reliably – do not approach.

But the main difference between DASH is the two-level network structure. The first level is ordinary users or “miners”. The second level is “master craftsmen”.

Masternodes are simply servers that are connected to the Dash network and work around the clock. They provide the infrastructure that other crypto-currencies can not dream of. This does not mean that the master-user users are “more important” – they just have other tasks.

So, DASH money transfers pass instantly, because they are confirmed by a network of master processes. This gives a significant advantage over Bitcoin, in which transactions are confirmed only by the miners, which takes at least ten minutes.

The huge problem of crypto currency is anonymity. For example, the movement of each coin of bitcoin can be traced from the moment of creation. That is, even your wife will be able to find out how much money you spent on a new console or spinning!

But DASH is absolutely anonymous money. Absolutely – as cash. Masternodes constantly mix your money with coins from other users. And they do it so qualitatively that it is impossible to track the purchase of a private airplane.